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Every year like clockwork, as my birthday approaches, I get very reflective. I used to believe I was the only one who suffered from what I call “Birthday Blues” but I have since learned that the feeling is a common occurrence.

For me, the feeling isn't one of depression (that's what it is for some people) but rather, a deep sense of melancholy and sentimentality. I think about all the things that I did wrong, the goals I may have failed to achieve in that year, and any opportunities lost. I also reflect on the change that a new year brings and the things that, due to time, will never be the same again. I mourn what could have been and what will never be.

As odd as it may sound, I like the fact that I get the Birthday Blues. It forces me to hold myself accountable for any way in which I may have dropped the ball, and be intentional about how I want to spend the next year of my time on Earth. It also allows me to slow down and appreciate all that I have accomplished and overcome.

The Birthday Blues usually start about 3 weeks before my birthday, and turn into childlike excitement 2 weeks later. By that time, I have made birthday plans and set goals for my next journey around the sun, and, the endless possibilities ahead of me, chase the Birthday Blues away.

This year my blues lasted less than a week! That could be because I accomplished a lot despite being in lockdown, or because the plans for the year ahead made the excitement kick in sooner. Whatever the reason, I'm ready to "Do it like it's my b-day!". 🤪


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