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HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! #TheOtherSide

As some of you already know, 2018 was an incredibly difficult year for my family and I so I was so glad to see the end of it.

Sometimes we go through things in life that shake us to our core (search the hashtag #collinsVScps on Twitter and Google for more details). When these things happen, our natural response is to become blinded to the possibility of a fruitful future. We start to see the worst in the world at every turn and being positive becomes a struggle.

If anyone had told me in January of 2018 that I could feel genuine joy by the end of the year despite #collinsVScps not being resolved, I would have scoffed in disbelief. I had faced so much loss in the last 5 years that the possibility of happiness and peace seemed to have disappeared with this last occurrence however, someway, somehow, I was able to keep pushing and make it to 'The Other Side'.

'The Other Side' isn't always the resolution of your problem or being completely healed of your hurt, 'The Other Side' is simply being out of the mindframe that stopped you from being positive. It is being able to fight through the negativity that clouded your outlook and took the will out of you. Similarly, fighting through it isn't alway a brave act or show of strength, sometimes it is just the ability to sit through the storm knowing that it will pass and that you can get up once it has.

Suicide and mental health awareness were topics that circulated a lot in 2018 and we lost some prominent figures as a result of it. Although I didn't experience those feelings myself, it is not hard to see how one could fall victim to them. To anyone going through something that has shaken them, internally or externally, I ask that you trust me when I say that you will get to 'The Other Side' and that, on days when you can't see past your pain, you stop trying to and instead take it one second at a time until you feel able to handle a minute, then an hour and then a day.

Reaching out to someone, personal or professional, when those negative feelings overwhelm you is essential and sometimes it is all you need to begin your journey to 'The Other Side'. Don't suffer alone.

Alexander Milov - Love (Gerome Viavant)

When I look back on 2018, I have to begrudgingly admit (pity parties can be fun!) that I had some amazing moments and successes lightly sprinkled in. Although the #collinsVScps fight continues, I am definitely on 'The Other Side' and the love and support that I have received from family, friends and strangers alike is something that I will be eternally grateful for.

I wishing you all a prosperous new year and I hope 2019 becomes your best year yet! #Blessings

Happy New Year 2019

If you have been affected by the topics addressed in this post and require support or more information please follow the links below:

If your country is not listed above please type "Mental Health helpline in (name of your country)" into any search engine and you should be able to find local information.

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