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I don't know about you guys but 2020 was by far the craziest year I have ever lived through. From wildfires, to shocking deaths, a pandemic and a reinvigorated fight against racism and injustice, 2020 is a year that will be studied for years to come.

@peniel_enchill New Year art
Is it even a new year if sis doesn't take the step? 😂

Despite all the bad that 2020 brought with it, it also reset the world and created a new standard of living that can only be brought about through the destruction of existing systems and ideologies. 2020 proved that our current attitudes to work and health are unsustainable, and highlighted the pain of those who suffer at the hands of corrupt governments and police brutality.

Lessons from 2020

  • Never forget that nature is essential to our existence (Australia Wildfires, January 2020)

  • Never be afraid to leave situations and circumstances that are detrimental to you (Harry and Meghan "leave" the Royal Family, January 2020)

  • You're never too big to be called to account (Impeachment of Donald Trump, January 2020)

  • Give your heroes their flowers while they are alive to receive them (Kobe Bryant, January 2020)

  • You are never too young to make an impact (Gigi Bryant, January 2020)

  • Good energy and a sound work ethic will open doors for you (Pop Smoke, February 2020)

  • We are a global community (COVID-19 Pandemic, March 2020)

  • People are fundamentally stupid (Panic Buying, March 2020)

  • Outside can indeed go somewhere and we'll miss it when it's gone (Lockdown, March 2020)

Outside is closed - lockdown

  • The aliens are coming (Pentagon UFO videos, April 2020)

  • Police brutality and racism is a global problem and black people everywhere have had enough (#BlackLivesMatter Protests, May 2020)

  • Rarely can we rely on governments for change, the citizens must fight for it (Marcus Rashford's open letter, June 2020)

  • EVERYONE needs to be re-educated on sexual assault (Outing of Sex Offenders on Social Media, June 2020)

  • Freedom of speech on social media is an illusion (The silencing of Wiley, July 2020)

  • Humans are the biggest threat to the planet (Beirut Explosion, August 2020)

  • Having purpose is key to creating a legacy that will inspire others (Chadwick Boseman, August 2020)

  • Black lives must be respected everywhere (#EndSARS, September 2020)

#BlackLivesMatter #NoJusticeNoPeace
No justice, no peace. Globally. (cred: @ricardo.chucky)
  • Governments must be held to account (#LekkiTollGateMassacre, October 2020)

  • Engaging in politics on a local, regional and national level is a step towards making the change we want to see (Biden is President Elect, November 2020)

  • Just because it's never happened, doesn't mean it can't #WeDidItJoe (Black and Indian woman, Kamala Harris, is Vice President Elect, November 2020)

  • So many global problems can be solved if the people in power actually wanted them to be (COVID-19 vaccine, December 2020)

2020 was a tough year and we lost thousands of people globally, so it feels extra special to make it into this new decade. Despite the shenanigans that happened at The United States Capitol 😒, I feel that 2021 has great energy around it. I hope that this year is one of positivity and blessings for us all.

Happy New Year and cheers to the new decade! 🎉 🥂


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