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Not Rude, Honest is a platform where honest opinions and views are shared and freedom of expression is encouraged.

Oftentimes when you express an unpopular opinion or if you express your thoughts in an uncompromisingly forthright manner, you are quickly labelled 'rude' or 'harsh'.

After many years of being the person with foot-in-mouth syndrome, Not Rude, Honest was founded in September 2010 to make a point -


"I'm not rude, I'm HONEST!"


Not Rude, Honest has since developed into a safe space to express such opinions without hate or malice in mind. We hope to inspire others to be similarly true to themselves and to be encouraged to express themselves freely in order to increase confidence, broaden one's perspective and where possible, educate and be educated.

Here at Not Rude, Honest you can expect to clutch your pearls while reading a blog post, laugh out loud listening to the podcast, use reliable and cutthroat reviews for reference and get help and information from our buzzing forums.

Whether the views expressed on this platform are aligned or divergent to the "norm", they will always aim not to be rude but to be definitely honest!

Not Rude, Honest
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