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1. Phuket, Thailand

One word - paradise! Phuket is my favourite place in the whole wide world to date (things could change lol). Everything about this destination is simply breathtaking.


  • Visit the surrounding islands: everyone should visit the Phi Phi Islands in particular at least once in their lifetime.

  • Water activities: snorkelling, diving, sea canoeing and many more.

  • Get a massage: the BEST massages in the world and believe me, I've had my fair share of destination massages.

  • Beaches: the sand is just so white and the water so clear! Just gorgeous!

  • Party: the relaxed yet energised atmosphere make for great partying.

No picture will ever do this place justice

2. Johannesburg, South Africa

Between the movie 'Sarafina' and Disney's 'The Lion King', Joburg has been on my bucket list since I was yay high and to say it was everything I'd dreamed and more is a complete understatement! From the food to the people, Johannesburg has carved a permanent place in my heart.


  • Go to a safari: You'll need to fly out of Joburg (the flight is less than an hour) to do this but nothing is as amazing as being side by side with the Big Five (African lion, rhinoceros, African elephant, Cape buffalo and African leopard)

  • Eat!: South African food is simply delicious! Try ostrich - thank me later.

  • Go to the Apartheid Museum: for those of us that love history, this is definitely the place to get submerged.

  • Visit Soweto - the effects of Apartheid are still visible in this area but the people are so welcoming and the cultural experience is unmatched.

  • Play with lion cubs: don't tell me you never wanted to play with Simba! Well this is your chance!

Lion cubs

3. Seoul, South Korea

I promise you there's more to Seoul than 'Gangnam Style'! LOL! This is another city where the the energy can be felt upon arrival. Winter or summer, this is a beautiful city.


  • Korean BBQ: Eating at an authentic Korean BBQ restaurant in Seoul is a must, it's just so damn tasty! I'll look through my files to find the name of my favourite restaurant and I'll recommend it here.

  • Shopping: Seoul is known for its fashionable nature so shopping here will guarantee you find some unusual and trendy items to add to your wardrobe.

  • Visit the Korean Demilitarized Zone: Be sure to check you can still visit before booking, sometimes tourist visits are suspended.

  • Explore Bukchon Hanok Village: It's an old village in Gyeongju that has retained its original structures and therefore become a traditional culture centre, very quaint.

Snow in Seoul, South Korea

The only city in which I enjoy snow (I hate snow!)

4. New York City, United States

Although it's not my favourite American city (that by far is Los Angeles!) it is one of my favourite holiday destinations and a must see. Having lived and worked there I can tell you that I still rediscover new things every time I go and that's the beauty of it; the city is so dynamic that there's always something to see and do.


  • Visit the One World Trade Centre: after the tragedy of 9/11 it is beautiful to see the site being rebuilt.

  • Go out at night: NYC is beautiful during the day but it's even better at night when all the lights come on.

  • Go to Harlem: to say that stepping out of the subway in Harlem was a culture shock is an understatement! It literally looks like a scene out of a late 80's rap video!

  • Statue of Liberty: If the weather is good you can get nice pictures of the NYC skyline from the ferry as you travel to Liberty Island.

New York City lights

5. Aukland, New Zealand

I had a teacher in primary school that came from Aukland and then the 'Lord of The Rings' movies were filmed in New Zealand so I knew I had to visit (What was so special about NZ?) and I wasn't disappointed. From the greenery to the views, Auckland is the perfect place for those with an adventurous spirit.


  • Bungee Jump: I did my bungee jump off Auckland Bridge and it was the scariest thing I've ever done but it was an amazing experience.

  • Eat at the Aukland Waterfront: I love waterfront dining and there's something really relaxing about this one.

  • Eat Steak: Aukland is known for huge steaks and although I couldn't even finish mine, it's all part of the Aukland experience.

  • Visit Skytower: It's one of the tallest buildings in the world and has an amazing view of the city. If you'd like an adrenaline rush, do the SkyWalk or the SkyJump.

  • Waiheke Island: It's an island off the coast of Aukland which you can take a ferry to. It's both beautiful and tranquil.

Aukland Waterfront

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