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One of the things I look forward to the most after the travel restrictions are lifted, is to be able to go to my hometown in Italy and EAT! Of course, I want to spend time with family too but food is definitely a very close second. 😋

Italian flag with food

I tell anyone that will listen, that Italian is the best cuisine in the world and it's a hill that I'm willing to die on. I think the beauty of Italian food is that it's very simply, yet expertly, seasoned in a way that gives the dish such rich flavour. Fish and chips could never! 🤪

Pro Tip

The best food is served in small, local restaurants; big, swanky spots have

modified their recipes to cater to international palettes.

I'm from the north of Italy (dishes vary by region) so I'm sure this has impacted my choices however, below are my recommendations for top Italian dishes.


I'm not even a fan of rice, but there is something so exquisite about risotto that I always make an exception. Mushroom and seafood risottos are my favourite.

Mushroom risotto


This ties for first place because, with its layers of saucy meat, béchamel sauce and pasta sheets, there is no dish as hearty and filling as a good lasagna.



From the wide variety of flavours available to the texture, gelato is the best icy dessert on the planet, periodt!

Gelato flavours


Not the trash you get abroad; I'm talking about authentic, thin base, wood-fire baked, Italian pizza with freshly sourced ingredients that definitely do NOT include pineapple. 🙃

Pizza wood-fire baked


I LOVE pasta and I can eat it in as many ways as it can be made! The only reason why this isn't higher on the list is because I pretty much eat it daily. Although the novelty has worn off, the love is as strong as it was on day one.

Different types of pasta


If you ever get the chance to visit Italy, make sure you go to your local pasticceria and try as many of the sweet treats you can. Heaven.



Nothings says "winter"like a good minestra. It's best made with pasta (of course) and when it's made with farfalline, it transports me straight to my childhood.



Simply translated to 'meat', is one of the things Italians do best. From cold prosciutto (cotto over crudo for me) and mortadella, to hot salsicce and bistecca, my love of meat was born when I started helping my mum pluck fresh thyme to fry our steaks in.

Italian charcuterie board - prosciutto, salami, mortadella, olive, cheese, breadsticks, peppers

I hope my food recommendations has added Italy to your travel list; just make sure you pack loose clothing!


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