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The fear that stems within us is the fear that often blocks our blessings. The façade of social media is currently becoming a trend in our world, a 'Black Mirror' episode live and direct.

It is easy to lose your purpose, and follow the trends that society has reinforced, and if you chose to go otherwise you are seen as an ‘outcast.’ I often talk amongst people and begin to realise that the respect you’re given is dependant on your direction in life. Those who do not know their direction are met with an interesting smile, one that resonates and leaves you feeling worthless.

After being indecisive many times about what I wanted to do in life and having been met with that cold smile myself, I soon began to realise I would never know my purpose until I stopped blocking my own blessings. I write this post, with the hope that someone else reading this will listen - stop being in your own way and start walking towards what was always in front of you, don’t be afraid of your gift and don’t be afraid if you don’t know what to do. Life is about exploring and even if you’re on chapter 1, don’t compare yourself to those on chapter 30, every story has its ending. Here's to a new chapter.


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