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I am not scared of many things in life, but right behind my fear of snakes, is my fear of stinking.

Body odour

I'm a very pragmatic person and as such, I figured that nobody intentionally wants to burn the public's nose hairs when they walk past, and that they therefore must be unaware of how pungent they smell to others. It is this assumption of bad B.O. ignorance, that created this perpetual fear of becoming one of them.

Outside of the fact that I value hygiene (a lack of, leads to diseases), it is this fear of reeking that ensures I wash my whole body when I shower (I still can't believe people don't wash their legs! 🤮). In addition to that, I live in clean spaces, wash my clothes and bedding frequently, moisturise with beautifully scented products, and take a second shower with very expensive, long lasting, perfume once I'm dressed. #SillagebyNRH

If you've read my experience with natural deodorant, you know that even smelling "odd" is too wayward for me, so you can imagine my despair when I realised I literally stank! My unwashed skin after a workout didn't smell that bad! There are many causes for a change in body odour, but the thought that it could be due to a change in hormones filled me with terror, as it can be very difficult to rebalance hormones.

I immediately did an inventory of all the things I'd recently changed - from lifestyle, to diet, to products - and I was able to narrow it down to a new Dove shower gel I had been using for around 2 weeks. I'd purchased the Dove Reviving Pomegranate & Verbena Body Wash because it smelled nice and I was bored with my existing products, but after cutting it out for just two days, I realised that it was the reason for this unfavourable odour.

The culprit!

I had never had a product clash with my biochemistry like that, and I have used Dove shower gels before, in fact, Dove Renewing Glow Pink Clay Body Wash is one of my favourite. I'm not sure why this particular one had this terrible effect on me, but I'm so grateful that a) I could smell myself, b) the solution was simple to implement, and c) it could be easily reversed.

So why am I telling you this tale? Because I want you to pay attention to your body. Our body tells us when things are off balance, and we often ignore it, which can have devastating consequences. In this case it was a harmless (not to me!) change in body odour that could easily be fixed, but sometimes it's something much more serious that requires medical intervention. Take care of your body and listen to it when it indicates that something is wrong, it could save your life.

Not Rude, Honest

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