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I'm so excited! I've had a really good Easter weekend, but even better than that, for those of us stuck in the UK (literally 😓), this marks the last weekend in an official lockdown! 🥳

Given the way that the UK has handled this pandemic, I wouldn't be surprised if there's another lockdown so I'm going to make the best of it while life is somewhat normal. Here is the list of things I plan to do from the 12th of April in no particular order:

  • Eat out. A lot!

  • Discover new perfume

  • Get a mani + pedi

  • Run life admin errands

  • Go shopping

  • Celebrate my bestie’s birthday

  • Spend an afternoon in a coffee shop with a good book and some hot chocolate

  • Make travel plans

  • Pray that I’ll be out of this country by summer 😬

What are your post-lockdown plans? Comment them down below and let's exchange notes.


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