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20/20 VISION

He-llo 2020!!! 

I don’t know about you guys but I am incredibly excited for this year and the decade ahead. There’s just such an infectious positive energy about it and I’m trying my best to stay lost in the sauce for as long as possible! LOL!

This is the decade in which I will have children which both scares and excites me in equal measures. It is also the decade that I will become a millionaire which is long overdue.


In Pound sterling hunty! 😎

As with every new year, there is a lot of talk of new years resolutions, goal setting and vision boards. It may all seem corny to some, but I believe you should get your motivation in any which way you can so, if those methods work for you then by all means, go for it!

I’m more of a to-do list person so I write out all the things I need to accomplish before the end of the year and set about ticking off my list methodologically. My main goal for this year is to maximise my time to create great memories. In 2017 I wrote a new 10 year bucket list after completing my last one (I write one every 10 years) but I have been so caught up with other things that I haven’t been as dedicated to completing it. I plan to get back on track, I only have 7 years left!

I think it is important to remember that everyone’s journey through life is unique and that as long as you are happy, you are doing it right. Don’t get caught up in unnecessary comparisons with others or depress yourself by coveting the lives of people on social media who keep their struggles off the ‘gram (as they should!). Figure out what makes you happy, hatch a plan to achieve it and work hard to create and live in your happy place.

I learned a lot of things in the last 10 years (click here to read more) and I can’t wait to live life with those lessons in mind. What are your goals for 2020? How do you stay on track to achieve them? Please drop all your gems in the comments section below, we all need some motivation.


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