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I'm officially on episode 10 of the Not Rude, Honest Podcast and although it may seem like a small achievement to many, it's kind of a big deal to me so I'm choosing to celebrate it. 🥳

Maintaining a podcast is a huge commitment but, so far, I'm having fun with it. I still need to settle on a jingle/intro and I eventually plan to have some guests on the show, but all in all, the podcast has been received positively. I want to say a huge thank you to those who have shown the podcast some love and an even bigger thank you to those who support all things Not Rude, Honest, y'all are the G.O.A.T. for real!

Below are the first 10 episodes of the Not Rude, Honest Podcast, have a listen (if you haven't already) and leave some feedback in the comments or via social media; I'm always on a journey to excellence so I want to hear your thoughts. Good or bad, I can take it lol! 😉 #NotRudeHonest

🎧 Tune into the Not Rude, Honest Podcast every Tuesday


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