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I have had loads of questions about my piercings over the years and often get questioned on how painful they were. I figured I'd just lay it all out in a blog post that can be used for reference if and when you decide to get one.


Please, whatever you do, go to a reputable piercing studio with professional and knowledgeable piercers!

The last thing you want, is to affect your health because of a bad piercing choice!

'Punktured' is the name of my favourite piercing studio and is located in The Lanes, Brighton. The first time I walked in there to get my Tragus pierced (my fist cartilage piercing), my piercer was so knowledgeable that he made me feel at ease and because of that, my friends and I have gone back there many times to get other piercings done. I have gone to other studios and been less than impressed. Another great piercing studio I recommend is 'Extreme Needle' in Leicester Square, London; very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

In total I have 14 piercings:

  • 2 Lobes

  • 2 Upper Lobes

  • Navel

  • Tragus

  • Horizontal Nipple

  • Rook

  • Forward Helix

  • Surface Tragus (counted as 2)

  • 2 Helix

  • Snug

Ear Piercings

I listed the piercings in the order that I got them and I got them over a period of a few years. Every time I decided on a piercing I would give it a very long time (up to 2 years at times!) to make sure it was something I really wanted and as a result, I love all my piercings dearly.

  • My favourite: It's a tie between the Surface Tragus and the Tragus, they are both so elegant to me!

  • The most noticeable: Surface Tragus. I get the most questions and complements about this one.

  • The most painful: Snug, hands down! This piercing goes through a lot of cartilage so it was the most uncomfortable to get however, that wasn't when it hurt, the pain started the next day! My whole ear and head hurt, it felt like it was going to explode! It is the first piercing that has ever caused me actual pain and I was completely unprepared for it, even after 13 piercings!

  • The least painful: Navel. I remember asking the piercer when he was going to start and he was already finished! LOL!

  • The shortest healing time: Forward Helix. Its recommended healing time is 6-8 weeks but it healed in 3 weeks.

  • The longest healing time: Snug. Its recommended healing time is 9-12 months but it took about 15 months. I plan to write a whole post on my Snug piercing experience because that was definitely a journey.

  • The most complicated: Surface Tragus. After 9 months of having it in, I had to take it out for 3 months to let the area heal and then get it re-pierced because it had started rejecting. The first time I got it pierced with a 1.2mm surface 45° bar but the second time I got it done with a 1.4mm surface 90° bar; for whatever reason, the second piercing bar adjusted better and I haven't had any problems in the almost 3 years since re-piercing it.

  • Couldn't live without it: Navel. I can't ever imagine not having a bar in my navel, it was the first piercing I ever wanted (I decided at 10 years old that I was going to get it done) and the only one I had to hide after getting it done at 16 lol.

  • Would I get any more: Possibly.

That answers all the questions I usually get on my piercings but if you have any more, feel free to ask in the comments section below and I will answer, I'm very open about them.

Not Rude, Honest x

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