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I am so angry right now I hope I can type coherently but please bear with me if my grammar and language becomes inappropriate. *deep breath*

As you all know and as I previously blogged about there has been a series of riots in England that started in London as a result of the London Metropolitan Police shooting and killing an innocent man. The severity of these riots has lead to many 'educated' (I use the term loosely!) people to look into the underlying causes of these riots so that a solution to the mass violent attacks can be sought and a reoccurance can be prevented.

The issue was discussed on BBC Newsnight by presenter Emily Maitlis with historian David Starkey (racist mo***rf**ker!), author and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell and author of the book 'Chavs' Owen Jones.

I can't for the life of me explain how ANGRY and OUTRAGED I am at this imbecile's claims! I tell you the rage in my chest went straight to my head!!! His whole argument that black 'bad' people have corrupted the white 'good' people just makes my blood boil! He's implying that black people are the root of all evil! WTF!!!

Then he brought in the age old argument that rap is the reason for violence. I don't remember any history books saying the slave traders used rap on the slave ships or Hitler spitting some bars before going to kill all those people! Rap also didn't start any of the World Wars so please spare me the 'rap = violence' argument! It may or may not contribute to it but so does bad living conditions and I don't hear that argument being used as a red card or a solution for that being sought!

I can't even express how angry I get when racist people use such an occasion to be openly racist! I do not in any way condone the violence that took place during those riots but to sweep the government's role under the carpet and blame Jamaican patois for it is just disgusting and f**king out of bloody order!!!! I have to commend both Emily and Owen because if only Dreda had objected to his views her opinion would have been ignored as a 'she's defending her people' type thing.

A very wise Youtube viewer posted this under a David Starkey video:

"EVERY SATURDAY FOR NINE MONTHS OF THE YEAR, the police spend thousands of hours preventing guys from smashing up town centres and battering each other at FOOTBALL. Not too many blacks and no Jamaican patois there. There isn't even any material benefit. But that's OK, eh?" MrDerekMullins

Another pinpointed the part of all this that that the a**e wipe missed:

"Whites haven't become black, the reason they mix cultures so well is because they have a lot in common, from sexuality, to music, to humour, there's no difference in the way they are inside. Blacks in white communities become 'white', whites in black become 'black', it's being different shades of the same page." scoocheeful

I'm glad some people are looking at the bigger picture here.

Some people are under the impression that racism in England is dead because there are many 'ethnic minorities' living here and this is a prime example of how real and current racism is in our society. Since the riots I've seen many 'go back to your country' and 'they are monkeys anyway' comments on social networking sites. If anything, it's just sad that people like David Lammy (MP for Tottenham) are stripped of their 'blackness' by the likes of David f**king Starkey in order to be accepted as a successful person.

Now that I have got that off my chest I want to share a video that actually shows a speaker whose brain cells are still fully active.

I apologize once again for my language, I edited some of it out but there are parts that needed it in order to convey my outrage.

Not Rude, Honest...

First Published: Aug 14, 2011

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