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My brother recently got chewing gum caught on his clothes and it was all hands on deck to remove it.

Chewing gum stain on jeans

After a bit of Googling, the most common hack we found was using ice to freeze the gum and scraping it off once it became hard, however, in this case, the gum had gotten so deep into the fabric that there was was no way that method would be effective. In walks TikTok!

Somewhere in my mind, I was reminded of a headline I'd seen about TikTok becoming a leading search engine for finding answers to all sorts of topics, so I went ahead and typed my question in. Lo and behold, the hacks were much more varied, and our solution lay within a TikTok video. Rubbing alcohol.

After about an hour of trying to figure out how to get the chewing gum off of the clothes, a simple 49 second TikTok video gave us the solution we needed. The chewing gum was removed in minutes and we didn't even need to use the tape!

I had never had chewing hum stuck to anything, so I thought I'd share the hack with you all in case it helps. Please leave other household hacks in the comments below; each one, teach one. 😉

Not Rude, Honest

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