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I'm sure you are all familiar with the saying "Money makes the world go round" and I am pretty sure there was an era in which this may have been true but personally I think that era is over, sex is the new currency.

Everywhere I turn things have become 'sexified' and the new slogan for many businesses seems to be "Sex sells"! The music business have been 'selling sex' for quite some time but even they have crossed the line with both lyrical content and video explicitness. Trey Songz - need I say more?

Other markets have joined the band wagon too - wanna sell perfume? Put a woman stripping in your ad. Shower gel? A bunch of naked bodies will do. Diet pills? A woman jiggling her bum in her undies does the trick. You can't even buy some weed killer without sexual innuendos filling your screen!

Knee cream!

It may be this new 'sexified' world that is making every girl want to be a 'freak' and every guy prove they 'invented sex' or it could just be freedom of speech gone too far but, whatever it is, I feel like I see sex everywhere I turn - both figuratively and literally! (My eyes. Train platform. Drunk people. Say no more.)

This new way of life has lead to words like 'homo-curious' (someone who has sexual encounters with the same sex but isn't actually gay - they do it out of curiosity! Dumb or what!?) and made a Montana Fishburne out of well brought up girls. I just wish I could go back to the days when all things sex were kept behind closed doors or after 9pm so I had a choice in what I exposed my eyes to.

It's pretty clear that money has had to take a back seat because sex is now what makes the world go round.

First Published: May 17, 2011

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