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So Mrs. Carter is back and I for one think her new song is an epic fail partly because I love the original 'Pon de Floor' by Major Lazer feat. Vybz Kartel and partly because I think her remix/remake doesn't do the amazing beat justice.

Having said all that, I love what this choreographer Sean Bankhead has done with the track and the dancers, Bad Girls Club, are amazing! (Found it on my fave blog Smart Shoes!)

Beyonce's video for her version is now out and I think that's rubbish too (Beyoncè stans I don't want to hear it! *talk to the hand*). This could be because I'd seen the Bad Girls Club tear it up or just because I can't stand her version of the song, either way here's the video so let me know what you think. I must say that I absolutely love the shoes she's wearing when she's on the horse though!

Here's my beloved 'Pon de Floor' for those who haven't heard it.

First Published: May 19, 2011

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