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Guys let me tell you, this has completely changed my life! Like, for real! Never in all my years on this Earth have I ever found a product that actually amazed me! Don't get me wrong, I like and love loads of products but this one?!

OITNB Doggett Praise

I usually have smooth, clear skin and as a result I have been so lazy when it comes to skincare; my skincare regimen consisted of scrubbing my face in the shower with my shower gel on an African bath sponge and moisturising with my body lotion afterwards. That's it.

All this changed in January when I had an awful break out. It had happened to me once before so I knew it was due to extreme stress but this time it was ten times worse. The last time, about 6 years ago, I broke out in the space of a week and then had the scars for about 2 months before it all cleared up and returned to normal. I didn't change my skincare regimen that time because, honestly, I was just too lazy. This time however, everything had to change. I started breaking out in January but instead of a week long forehead invasion, it lasted months!

The worst part of it all was that, even when left alone, each spot left a hyper pigmented scar on my forehead and before long my forehead looked like a connect-the-dots puzzle!

Connect the dots

In walks The Body Shop® Drops Of Light™ Brightening Serum!

The Body Shop® Drops of Light™ Brightening Serum

This stuff is like liquid magic! It's advertised as a moisturising serum that plumps and brightens the skin but as I had no experience with serums, that didn't sell it for me, especially not at £26 a pop! What peaked my interest was its claim to reduce the number and intensity of dark spots. So many products claim to work wonders and very few over the counter products have the potency to actually live up to their claims - marketing alone wasn't going to fool me. Reading the ingredients helped a little but as I stated earlier, at this point I had yet to find a product that actually amazed me (I have since found a hair product that amazed me too - it's been a good product year for me lol) so the idea of spending that much on a 30ml product I was unlikely to use up didn't sit right with me. What changed my mind you ask? Good old 'desperation'! LOL!

After months of battling the appearance of these scars and trying so many products, medical and cosmetic, I decided that I was ready to gamble £26! When I tell you that I could see a difference within 2 weeks of inconsistent use - guuuuurrrrllll!!! One day I just looked at my face and realised the scars had greatly reduced in intensity, they were all but gone (I had a few stubborn ones)!


  • Packaging: It comes in a nice elegant 30ml white glass bottle with a rose gold label so it looks lovely on a dressing table. It dispenses the product via a dropper.

  • Product: Slightly thicker than water but not as viscous as an oil. It's transparent in colour and very quickly absorbs into the skin which allows you to apply your next product without delay. It has a very light scent which I can't place (floral maybe?) but it quickly disappears either way. It doesn't leave any residue or film on the skin so it's a very comfortable wear.

  • Notable Ingredients: Red Algae extract and Vitamin C - both are known to brighten the skin.

  • How I applied it: In the morning after washing and drying my face I applied three drops, one on my forehead and one on each cheek, then smoothed it into my face with my hands. I followed that up with a moisturiser containing SPF.

  • Where to buy it: As with all The Body Shop® products, it can be purchased in store or online. This range doesn't appear to be available outside the UK, sorry guys!

The Body Shop Drops of Light Brightening Serum


  • Did it moisturise? I'm not sure, I have normal skin and I always follow it up with a moisturiser so I wouldn't know.

  • Did it plump? I didn't notice a difference in that department either so I wouldn't know.

  • Did it brighten? Absolutely! And the best part is that, although I put it all over my face, it seems to only have targeted the dark spots instead of lightening my skin all over which is a common side effect of brightening products.

  • I don't know how this product would work for me once my skin is back to its normal clear self but I will definitely update you to let you know.

  • Would I recommend it? In case I haven't raved about it enough, let me be clear - If you have any form of hyper pigmentation that you'd like to even out then you need this in your life!

  • I would say it's on the expensive side of high street/drugstore cosmetics and unfortunately, as it's one of their new ranges, it doesn't go on sale (another reason I was reluctant to purchase it for so long!) however, if you've tried everything else and it hasn't worked for you I would definitely give it a go.

Product overall rating: 5/5 - I still wish it was cheaper though!

P.S. Not long after I wrote this post my bottle tipped over while I was using the dropper and 3/4 of the contents soaked into my carpet! #RealLifePain 😭


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