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I recently met someone. Technically we met before, in another place and at a different time, but this was the first time I truly met them, and I can wholeheartedly say it was a pleasure.


I am rarely impressed with what a person does because I truly believe that people can do anything they set their mind to. What impresses me is who a person is; I believe that who they are is a rare gift and for whatever reason, the Creator bestowed that gift upon them.

As a traveller, I have met so many people in my short life; different countries and cultures and ethnicities and creeds. All my encounters were driven by curiosity - learning what makes up a person is one of the things I enjoy most about life.

On this day I had no intention to be awed or to learn, I just wanted to have a good, relaxing afternoon after a very hectic morning. It was on that day that I encountered one of the most amazing human beings the world has to offer; their essence was so unique!

Shooting star
Have you ever seen a shooting star? (cred: Benjamin Voros)

It came at a necessary time for me; I’ve had such vast and varied experiences that I am rarely surprised by anything anymore, and my threshold for amazement is quite high. This encounter reminded me that there is still so much more to the world, even for someone like me. It reignited a zest for life within me that I forgot I had (if you’ve read ‘7 Days of Struggle’ you’ll understand) and I’m incredibly grateful for it.

This isn’t one of those wet stories about falling in love with a person. Those stories are beautiful in their own right, but this is just a tale to remind you to always stay curious and engaged in the world around you, even when you think you’ve seen it all, because life may just surprise you.


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