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Women are fighting for equity (not the same as equality, look it up) all over the world and today women have won a battle in the fight for change in our patriarchal world.

Driving licence - Saudi Arabia Driving Ban on Women Lifted 2018

Years ago I remember being so confused when I heard that women in Saudi Arabia were not allowed to drive, driving seemed like such a basic and meaningless act that I couldn’t understand how it could possibly be illegal. With knowledge came understanding and the ways in which this was used to control and oppress women horrified me.

I have a few Saudi Arabian friends and many friends from the Middle East so I soon learned that in practice, women were not always as policed as the media depicted however, the fact that these laws exist at all and that their implementation is solely at the discretion of the men involved is truly sadistic.

Although Saudi Arabia has many other questionable practices when it comes to women’s rights to their bodies and free will, I am happy that this small yet significant change has been made.

Women Drive in Saudi Arabia

I think it is important to say a prayer for women like Loujain al-Hathloul who have been incarcerated and charged with treason for being brave enough to stand up for the freedom of all women - because of their sacrifice, a change has come.

To all my Saudi women, drive safe habibi! ❤️

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