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Am I the only one that feels that black women are being attacked more frequently these days? If it's not our weave, its our dress sense, if not that then its our way of life and if all else fails they attack our figures! Everyone is looking for flaws in black women and it's really annoying, leave us alone already!!!

The most recent 'imperfect black women' witch hunt came from someone who used his position to pass opinion as fact by claiming that all black women are ugly! Although I have many un-ladylike words I'd love to express, I will not allow his foolishness to ruin my mood, people like him do things for a reaction and I will not be joining the many people who gave him one, I will give him what he deserves - nothing!

It is these continued attacks that lead me to address a very common, yet infuriating, stereotype - angry black females. This concept makes my blood boil every time and even more so when I hear it from black males. Now I may not be the best person to address this topic as I do have a very, erm, 'fiery' personality but having said that, how can every woman of a whole race be tainted with the same brush?

For those of you that have not heard (do you live under a rock?) black women are apparently always angry, love to cause a scene, constantly arguing, very aggressive, easily angered, hot tempered and all carry knifes in their clutch bags! I mean, are you for real!? Although I stated that I have a fiery personality (I like to call it 'passionate' but whatever!), none of the things in that list describe me! Ok maybe one but still, I know plenty of black women who have none of those qualities, in fact I can even go as far as to say the majority of them are actually quite mild mannered! The fact that all black women are deemed to be ticking time bombs is ludicrous!!!

The worst part is that when a back woman does get angry about something genuine we automatically get the 'She's black, what did you expect?' look and are not taken seriously!

As women - black, white, Asian green or yellow! - we are emotional beings so it's only natural that when we are sad we cry, when we are happy we laugh and when we are angry we shout! That's what having all that extra oestrogen is all about! I have to admit there are some crazy black women out there but have you ever messed with a Chinese girl's money? She made Naomi Campbell's bursts of rage look like friendly banter!!!

So for all those people that have erroneously black listed black women listen up - we are NOT always angry, in fact the emotional state we are in most often is love! We don't like causing scenes, we like to keep our business to ourselves (it's your fault if you date a drama queen!)! We are not any more hot tempered than the next person with two X chromosomes! We are not all aggressive, our ranking in society forces us to be quite passive actually and if you look in a black woman's clutch bag you won't find anything you wouldn't find in the clutch of a woman of a different race!

All I want is my right to be angry without being labelled for doing so! And to all the foolish black men that help circulate this stereotype SHAME ON YOU!!! If our men can't support us, who will? As for our beauty, regardless of what any two bit researcher says, it's undeniable.

That is all.

First Published: May 27, 2011

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