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What do you do when you are faced with a struggle that seems insurmountable? When the world around her started to fall apart, Nadia Adesoji, a career-focused overachiever, was hit from all sides. From bereavement and health complications to legal battles and strife, her life, as she knew it, combusted. She knew she had no choice but to weather the storm.


On track to achieve all her life’s goals, this ambitious, dedicated and hard-working young woman was no stranger to adversity, but nothing could have prepared her for the devastation and destruction that this journey would bring or the ways her finely honed skills would fail her. She couldn’t have imagined the extent to which her life would change, or that this would become a fight for her survival.


With her life changed forever, her livelihood at stake and her relationship with God being tested, this memoir details the stages in Nadia’s journey as she struggled with her life, faith and self, and how she was able to rise from the ashes.

7 Days of Struggle: A Memoir (eBook)

  • Not Rude, Honest Publishing

  • 978-1-8380006-8-4

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