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I’m not big on fruity fragrances unless they lean very floral. Fruity perfumes often remind me of those cheap, rollerball lip glosses (with zero moisturising effects!) that girls wore as children, however, spring/summer is the perfect season for fruity fragrances, and there are a few that I enjoy. Below is a list of fruity perfumes that won't have you smelling chaldish and I would recommend.

1. Nina By Nina Ricci

I don’t wear this fragrance anymore because it is indicative of a time in my life that I’m no longer in (it gives "early 20s"), however, it is 'fruity' at its best, lasts all day and I will always have a bottle in my collection.

Nina by Nina Ricci
Accords: fruity (apple), citrus, sweet

2. Rouge Trafalgar by Dior

Dior's 'La Collection Privée' has something for everyone and 'Rouge Trafalgar' is for the fruity fragrance lovers. This berry fragrance smells luxe, making it sophisticated, and it has no floral notes at all (unusual in a fruity fragrance) making it very fresh. Perfect for summer.

Rouge Trafalgar by Dior
Notable Accords: fruity (berries), sweet, citrus, musk

3. Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler

I absolutely hate the original 'Angel' and always have. This flanker is a fruity fragrance that has no similarities to the original Angel at all; I’m not sure why they didn’t just create a whole new line with this one. The only benefit to the association is that it comes in the signature star shaped bottle that I think is gorgeous!

Angel Nova by Thierry Mugler
Notable Accords: fruity (raspberry), sweet

4. D&G L'Impératrice

This was a part of the limited edition Dolce & Gabbana 'The D&G Fragrance Anthology' collection that was released in 2009. Each fragrance was named after a tarot card and this one is the only one that is still available to purchase in full size (100ml). I had the whole collection and this was definitely my favourite however, it's an eu de toilette and therefore doesn't have good staying power.

D&G L'Impératrice
Notable Accords: fruity (strawberry), aquatic, floral

5. Her by Burberry

I tried this because Mila and many others on YouTube kept saying it was a fruitier and better version of Maison Francis Kurkdjian's Baccarat Rouge 540. I totally disagree. Although it was created by the same perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian, Her is heavy on the 'fruity', which for me completely changes the scent. If you like fruity perfumes, you should definitely add this to your collection.

Her by Burberry
Notable Accords: fruity (berries), sweet

What are your favourite fruity fragrances? Leave your recommendations below.


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