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Guys, I am in my fragrance BAG right now! 🥰

As stated in a previous post, I have always loved perfumes, I got my first luxury fragrance at 11 years old and I haven’t looked back since. I believe in having a fragrance for every occasion so my collection is quite healthy however, I recently got to a point where I was running out of my faves and needed a re-up. Instead of repurchasing old faves (which I still plan to do) I decided to go on the hunt for new fragrances.

Fragrance Wheel / Fragrance Family

Although I still love the ones I’ve owned and would recommend them in a heartbeat (let me know if you’d like me to do a post on that), you sometimes outgrow scents, or become so accustomed to them that they no longer excite you as they once did. It didn’t help that a friend of mine said “You smell good in a 50 year old way.” 😳 I took it as a sign that I definitely needed a revamp but J’Adore by Dior is still that bih, straight rich auntie vibes!

As Black Friday and Christmas is coming up, I thought I’d share the list of fragrances that I discovered on my hunt; there will be loads of sales floating around so these are perfect gift ideas for yourself and others.

Pro Tip: Never buy the perfume while you’re being pressured at the counter, have it sprayed onto your wrist and walk away. If you still like it a few hours later when the base notes have kicked it, you can decide to purchase it in store or online. 😉

My Fragrance Preferences

  • Scent family: Floral

  • Scent intensity: Eau de parfum - they’re stronger and last longer.

  • Scent size: 90-100ml - Smaller bottles always seem to finish so quickly! The only exception is when it’s for my handbag, in which case I’d get the 50ml.


Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo (£92/NA) - I settled for 'Eleganza' and 'In Fiore', but 'Ribelle' and 'Misteriosa' also smelled amazing and will be added to my collection in due time.

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo
Original, Eleganza, In Fiore & Misteriosa

Joy by Dior (£112/$130) - This smells of rich youth! Perfect for when you’re having brunch with the girls with plans to go shopping afterwards.

Joy by Dior

Libre Intense by Yves Saint Laurent (£104/$132) - Both the original and the intense are amazing but the intense just has the depth I need. The bottle is so luxe that I can’t imagine throwing it away!

Libre Intense by YSL

My Way by Giorgio Armani (£103/$126) - I’m sure you’ve seen this all over social media because it’s a new release but trust me, the hype is warranted! This is a perfect everyday scent. The only down side is that, as it’s so heavily promoted, the scent will become commonplace very quickly.

My Way by Giorgio Armani

Eau De Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford (£120/$184) - Although I love strong fragrances, I generally find Tom Ford perfumes very overpowering. The fresh nature of this scent stops it from being overpowering in the signature Tom Ford way, but it still lasts a long time.

Eau De Soleil Blanc by Tom Ford

In Love With You by Giorgio Armani (£95/NA) - This scent screams femininity and was named perfectly. I love.

In Love With You by Giorgio Armani

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez (£93/$128) - I checked this one out because of Youtuber Dimma Umeh (influencers influencing!) but I haven’t decided if it’s for me yet. It’s a woody scent which I usually wouldn’t go for but I do enjoy it.

For Her by Narciso Rodriguez

Clandestine Clara by Penhaligon's (£192/$278) - If, like my mum, the bottle means as much to you as the fragrance, then this is for you. All the fragrances in Penhaligon's 'Portrait' collection have an ornate bottle cap which make for great dresser décor and this scent is one of the best the oriental scent family has to offer.

Penhaligon's Portraits Collection
Clandestine Clara has a peacock shaped cap (far right)

I wanted to do so much more testing (I love perfume shopping!) but Covid-19 continues to disrupt and this is how far I got. Comment below if you already own these fragrances or plan to check them out in the future. I'm also always open to fragrance suggestions so don't hold out on me. If you're interested in a list of the perfumes I tried and hated let me know that too, I could save you some cointz!


If you like the content, feel free to buy me a coffee. 😊


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