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When it comes to relationships, both platonic and romantic, I feel that compatibility is extremely important. When you want to plan your life with someone, I believe compatibility is essential.

I learned at a very young age that not everyone was going to like or get along with me, so I made peace with the idea and focused on establishing relationships with people who appreciated me in my entirety. I quickly learned that, by being true to myself, my tribe would find me and when I was old enough to date, it shaped my dating experience.

One-way Compatibility - Compatibility in relationships
Spirit's illustration of One-Way Compatibility (@talk2spirit)

In the 'Green Flags In Relationship' episode of the Not Rude, Honest Podcast, I briefly addressed the importance of dating people with whom we are compatible. I learned of its importance through my personal experiences and this video of relationship therapist Spirit on the 'Mel Robbins Show', validates my stance on the subject.

I hope I have saved you some heartache by sharing this video with you and that it helps you make more compatible choices moving forward.


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