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I've been considering this for about two years but I am now ready to take the leap - I'm getting a buzz cut!

Before you ask, no, my hair is not damaged; no, I am not having a breakdown; yes, I am sure I want to cut it; yes, I might regret it. The main reason for cutting my hair is to reduce the maintenance time. When my hair is not in a long term protective style (e.g box braids, senegalese twists, stitch braids), I spend about 3 hours washing and styling my hair on wash day (once a week) and more time during the week keeping it cute (edges, re-moisturising etc.). The thought of being able to wash and condition my hair in less than 5 minutes, makes me irrationally happy.

The other reason for this cut, is that I would like a change and a fresh start. I have tried many hair styles in my life and I have gotten bored with them all. The idea of debuting a new look that is also a completely new experience for me, is really exciting. I have cut my hair before, but I have never gone as low as a level 1 or 2, which is what I plan to do now. Also, my lowest cut was a pixie on relaxed hair; I've never had short, natural hair because, when I decided to go natural, I transitioned for a while before doing a big chop. To say I am not apprehensive about my decision would be a lie, however, I really want to do it and I'm excited for the results.

Buzz cut on black woman
My vision 😍

In order to make my new style more chic, my cousin, and Noble Tiaras salon owner, has advised that I consider dying the hair. I think it's a great idea; I don't plan to get a shape up, so colour would really add to the look.

I don't believe buzz cuts are for everyone and I am well aware that I might hate it, but for me, it's worth the risk. Also, if it really don't like it, I'll cover it with a wig (even though I hate them! 🥴).

Have you tried a buzz cut before? Do you have any tips? What colour do you think would work best on my MAC NC47/Nars Macao/Fenty Beauty Pro Filter 420 complexion? Please leave all your comments below.

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