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I've always been big on extracurricular activities and have done everything from circuit training and volleyball to samba classes and pole dance, however, for the past two years I haven't been as active as I usually am and I've been feeling increasingly unhealthy. Although I'm aware that it's more of a mental thing, for the first time in my life I decided to have a health related New Year's resolution - to get healthy. Shortly after I made this decision I was offered the opportunity to work with Superdrug on a new line of detox beverages and I knew that it was meant to be! The line of detox beverages includes Bootea Teatox Sunshine Berry Edition, Slendertoxtea Detox Coffee and Slendertoxtea Skinny Coffee all of which are available at Superdrug.

In order to provide a fair review, other members of the Not Rude, Honest team were recruited to sample the products so that all three could be done at the same time. #TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork 😉



  • Packaging: It comes in a box with two resealable sachets, one with 14 Daytime Tea Bags and the other with 7 Bedtime Tea Bags.

  • Product: The tea comes in plastic tea bags through which you can see the herb mix. Once hot water is added the Daytime Tea Bags, which are a hibiscus blend with berry flavouring, they create an aromatic red tea that tastes quite pleasant. I have a really sweet tooth so it's not sweet enough for my taste but it was drinkable even for me. The Bedtime Tea Bags on the other hand are a rooibos tea blend with honey and nut flavouring and once hot water is added to them they create a golden tea that smells of almonds and tastes 'earthy'.

  • Notable Ingredients: No allergens but may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

  • How I consumed it: The instructions said to drink a Daytime Tea every morning and a Bedtime Tea every other night before bed which is what I did. Once the hot water was added, I left the teabag to infuse for 3 minutes before drinking.

  • Where to buy it: Superdrug


I didn't have any particular expectations of Bootea but I was a little apprehensive as detox beverages tend to have a laxative effect. My motto in life is to try everything at least once (within reason of course!) and I am serious about feeling healthier this year so I went ahead anyway. I noticed results after day 4 of the Bootea 14 day plan, it's hard to explain but I didn't feel as heavy as I used to. I tend to suffer from bloating and I definitely noticed a reduction in that. The tea didn't have a laxative effect on me (thank goodness!) and I was able to go about my daily business as usual, however, I did notice an increase in urine production. The product didn't come with any claims but if I had to give it one it would be that it reduces water retention allowing the body to feel lighter and look slimmer.



  • Packaging: It comes in a resealable sachet with nutrition information and instructions on the back.

  • Product: The coffee comes in powder form (instant coffee) and once hot water has been added it forms a really watery coffee that doesn't have the strong coffee smell that I adore.

  • Notable Ingredients: No allergens but may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

  • How I consumed it: The instructions said to drink one cup of Detox Coffee per day in the morning which is what I did. Two teaspoons of Detox Coffee were placed into a mug and hot water was added.

  • Where to buy: Superdrug


"I usually have my coffee quite strong and I found this coffee very light which I wasn't impressed with at first; it was more like drinking a powdered milk mix than drinking coffee. When I added the hot water to the product I found that there was a thin film of oil/fat at the top of the beverage which I assumed came from the powdered milk/cream. Over the next few days I started to get used to the taste and started to enjoy drinking it. I once had a cup without having eaten first and it upset my tummy so I would recommend eating something before each cup. I found that the Detox Coffee made me feel lighter somehow. I didn't drink it consistently but I definitely felt a difference even though I couldn't see one." O.D, Not Rude, Honest Team



  • Packaging: This also came in a resealable sachet with nutrition information and instructions on the back.

  • Product: Instant coffee powder that simply requires hot water.

  • Notable Ingredients: No allergens but may contain traces of tree nuts and peanuts.

  • How I consumed it: Two teaspoons in a mug with hot water. As per the instructions, I drank one cup of Skinny Coffee per day in the morning.

  • Where to buy: Superdrug


"I had been wanting to try a detox coffee for quite some time as I wanted to reduce my general coffee intake and get healthy. I substituted my morning coffee with Skinny Coffee and although the taste needed some getting used to, I immediately started to feel better. I feel that I was getting the benefits of a morning hot beverage without the hyper charge I usually experience with my morning coffee. When I drank it on days that I was working out, I noticed that I had more energy. I wouldn't market it as a coffee because it gives you an expectation that isn't quite met by this drink but I really like this beverage and would definitely use it again." J.L, Not Rude, Honest Team


  • We all agree that these detox beverages available at Superdrug are beneficial overall as they seem to help with bloating and lethargy.

  • We did not experience any side effects which was a concern for all of us as they are common with detox drinks.

  • We didn't see any miraculous changes is body weight or size but contrary to Blac Chyna's Flat Tummy Tea claims, we know they cannot be achieved by any detox drink. 🙃 #NotRudeHonest

  • They provided a boost in energy which is great for those who work out or are simply trying to get an extra pep in their step.

  • Although the tastes left a lot to be desired, they were not unpleasant and were easily drinkable.

  • The easy preparation made it a very convenient addition to our morning routine and they weren't time consuming.

Products overall rating: 3/5 - We liked them and we definitely think you should give it a try.

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