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I recently posted the top 10 YouTubers I rely on for helpful reviews. A few of those were black but I thought I’d do another post dedicated to my melanated content creators so that you could support them too.

Black Youtubers - Jackie Aina, Tammi Clarke, Nella Rose, Too Much Mouth, The Chic Natural, Dimma Umeh, Green Beauty, Marques Brownlee, Nyma Tang, Alissa Ashley, Mena Adubea, Tyerra Brown, SheRea DelSol, Andrea Renee

I already mentioned Jackie Aina, SheRea DelSol, Nella Rose, Dimma Umeh, Marques Brownlee and Green Beauty, so this post willl focus on my other faves. I should point out that I use YouTube mostly for beauty and skincare, so the creators mentioned will reflect that.


This is one of the first channels I subscribed to on YouTube and, although it's changed over the years, it's still one of my favourites for hairstyle tutorials. TheChicNatural just makes every style look so easy to achieve! Although not all of my attempts have been successful, she has been very instrumental in helping me get creative with my hair. ☺️

Too Much Mouth

Shenygne is a girl after my own heart who keeps it honest at the risk of sounding rude. She does great make-up reviews and her declutters are binge-worthy, but what I enjoy most are her reviews of famous brands from a business/marketing perspective.

Chizi Duru

I started watching Chizi for her hair product reviews, but her channel has evolved a lot since then. She is now a lifestyle YouTuber (I think?) and her reaction videos are a good watch.

Tammi Clarke

I don't think I've encountered another black YouTuber who is this skilled and creative with eyeshadow! I've been trying to step my make-up game up during lockdown and Tammi has been instrumental in helping me get comfortable with eyeshadow looks.


This is another channel you should check out if you're into eyeshadow looks. As Youkeyy says, trust the process because, what looks like a mess at first, ends with a beautiful and wearable make-up look.

Alissa Ashley

When I think of Alissa, I think of a super creative person with great energy. She used to create incredible make-up looks with her make-up wheel and although she now seems to prefer a more neutral look these days, the skill is undeniable. She's also a twin, so you should follow Arnell Armon too.

Tyerra Brown

I'm a recent subscriber to this Caribbean beauty but I enjoy watching her so much! I think her skin tone is quite unique on the platform so she would be a great to use as a reference if you are in her complexion range. If, like me, you're not, then she's a great person to watch in order to perfect your base.

Andrea Renee

Andrea is definitely a product junkie like myself so she's a good go-to for reviews on new beauty releases. Her reviews are thorough and she covers a wide range of products and price points.

Of course there's an endless amount of YouTubers out there and you should support them all. 😉


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