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It's been a while since I last posted a review, but as I was having a pampering day I realised that Sally Hansen Maximum Growth nail treatment has got to be THE most slept on product in the universe!

I discovered Sally Hansen Maximum Growth in my early teens and years later it is still a Holy grail product. I can’t remember exactly what drew me to this product at first (probably a symptom of my product junkie-ism! 🙈) but I can tell you why I keep using it, this is the only product that noticeably grows and strengthens my nails. Applying this product once a week, I can grow 5mm of free edge nail in the space of a month. I'm sure there is an element of genetics involved in my results (my hair and nails naturally grow quite quickly) but I have heard of similar results from others who have used it.

Over the years I have recommended this nail polish numerous times to friends but I feel its time to let the world in on this gem. Thank me later!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth


  • Packaging: It comes in a regular nail polish bottle and holds 13.3ml of product.

  • Product: Like most other nail polish, this one has a strong scent of acetone and its consistency is very fluid. It has a transparent pink colour in the bottle but once applied to the nails, it leaves a colourless clear coat.

  • Notable Ingredients: Protein and silk known to strengthen hair and nails.

  • How I Applied It: I usually apply 1 coat on to clean dry nails and wear as a clear nail polish. I have tried wearing 2 coats however I find it makes the polish susceptible to peeling. You can also wear it as a base to nail colour but I have never tried that.

  • Where to buy: Sally Hansen can be found at most beauty supply stores but my personal favourites are Target in the US and Superdrug in the UK because they often have offers on nail products. It retails for approximately $5.39/£4.89 in the US and UK respectively.

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Nail Treatment


  • The product lives up to its claim to provide maximum growth and to show visible results in just a week.

  • Sally Hansen has several products that claim to aid in nail growth and I have tried many of them but this is the only one which has given me results.

  • The one downside is that after a few months of not using it, the product in the bottle becomes thick and gloopy making it very difficult to use so once open, I recommend you use it often.

Product overall rating: 5/5 - It does what it says on the bottle, what more could you want?

Have you used this product before? Which other products do you recommend? Comment below and hook a sistah up! 😁

P.S. This is not a sponsored review and even if it was, I would still keep it 100. That is all. #NotRudeHonest


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